Missionaries depend on your church.

Philippians 4:16-17

As Bible believing churches, we have a clear model for missionary support in Philippians 4. The Philippian church gave to Paul because they were aware of his need. The same is true today. People can only pray and help to the level of their awareness. Our InTouch Missions Display System (MDS) has been informing church members about missionary needs for many years. By stepping into the 21st century with your missionary display, you can help raise awareness in your church!

Interactive Missionary Map

Help your people stay Informed

Missionaries today provide updates using many different technologies.

Missionary Letters

Your missionaries send letters frequently. They put time effort and energy into informing your folks. Prayer requests go unanswered only because no one reads the letters.

Missionary Donations

Using your existing giving infrastructure, your people can give to missionaries using their smartphones and your online giving solution.

Display Church Announcements

The system has multiple uses. When someone is not viewing a missionary, your church bulletins and announcement videos can be displayed in the system.

Simple Interactive Experience

Communication is incomplete without touch. People depend on touch to enhance communication. Our system employs touch to maintain a high level of interaction.

Matthew 28:19

Therefore go and make desciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit

In Touch Missions Application

The Most Powerful Software. Say hello to InTouch Missions.

Innovative Missionary Communication

We have been building communications between missionaries and church members since 2010. Our Missionary Display System has had over 1000 software commits and updates. All based on feedback and suggestions from missionaries, pastors and system users.

One Amazing System

EMR Mini PC – Small enough to hide behind the monitor yet robost enough to power the entire Missionary Display System

eMin Resources Mini PC

Connect it to Any Touch Screen

Since our system is Microsoft Windows based you can connect it to any touch screen.

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Missions touch screen wall mount and kiosk stand

A Fantastic Experience

Your missionaries will thank you

man using touch screen

We have seen a dramatic increase in church missions focus as a result of installing a modern missionary display system.

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InTouch in action

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Local Missions

Promote your member missionaries!


International mission focus!

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